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Primens PawRoll Dog Nail Grinder


Why My Dog Needs This Nail Grinder?

Oh no, you’ll never ever take your dog to the groomer again! Your furry friend gets nervous and spooked in an unknown environment where strange people are trying to cut their nails. No, you don’t want your four-pawed friend to stress out.

Or you are driven by the cost-effective factor and believe that you can do nail trimming on your own without the need to go to the groomer salon. Your pet needs frequent nail-cutting procedures, after all, so saving some bucks would be great for your family budget.

Maybe you’re already taking care of the dog’s nail hygiene on your own. But you made a mistake once when using ordinary clippers and cut their nail’s quick. So now your canine is hiding in the corner neglecting the need to get the manicure done. You can’t blame your pooch for that. And, of course, can’t blame yourself. You just didn’t have the right device.

No matter what urges you to buy a dog nail grinder with quick sensor, we have you covered. PawRoll offers you a dog nail file grinder suitable for any dog breed. With this device, your canine will get pleasant and calm grooming in a convenient setting without causing any discomfort for both of you.

Product Details

Key Benefits

  • Trim your dog’s nails from the comfort of your home with our paws dog nail grinder. This dog nail grinder for all sized dogs. If your dog didn't have nails cut for a while or you have a bigger breed with black nails, you might need to use a regular dog nail clipper first.
  • Unlike a dog nail file, our dog nail trimmers for dogs is made of high quality plastic, pleasant to the touch and comfortable to hold. This pet nail grinder features a diamond grinder head that allows you to reduce the excessive length of the canine's nails effortlessly.
  • Also could be used as a puppy nail grinder & cat nail grinder as good as a puppy nail clippers or a cat nail trimmer, due to the whisper-quiet technology, this nail grinder for pets won’t scare your canine, allowing your timid pet to feel at ease during the nail grooming procedure. Enjoy grooming at home with a nail grinder for dogs quiet and forget about old pet nail clippers.
  • Our dog nail grinder with LED light ensures precise and safe nail grooming. In-built LED light will help you spot a quick in dog`s nail. This dog nail grinder for medium dogs works also for small or bigger canines (you might need to use a dog clippers for nails first) as it has low and high speeds. This dog nail trimmer could be used as a dog toenail grinder or puppy nail trimmer. It also features a double-sided cap for a safe and pain-free grinding experience with any nail type.
  • Forget about low battery after the first use or even worse - during the nail trimming process. Our rechargeable dog nail grinder works up to 11 hours on a single charge. Because it’s cordless, you can use this electric dog nail grinder from anywhere. Find the place where your pet feels safe and comfy, and finally do that trimming thing without stress.


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