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About Us

Delivering pet happiness

Functional— Stylish— and Customized Dog Harnesses

Ensuring your fur baby is stylish and well-groomed has never been that easier— we are your one-stop-shop for buying top-notch quality custom dog harnesses. Our harnesses are made from breathable, adjustable, easy to care material, making them the perfect kind of harness for all kinds of activities.

We offer an extensive range of beautiful harnesses, collars, clothing, bedding, and much more, which can be personalized with your best friend’s name or initials. We are making the morning walks, subway commutes and park visits much easier, happier, and comfortable for you and your fur baby. 

What PAWROLL is All About?

Without question, we share a very warm, personal, and emotional connection with our dogs: after all, they are the most loyal and faithful of friends. They are irreplaceable and deserve the best in everything.

It’s time to show unconditional love and warmth toward your pal by shopping for the top quality dog supplies at the most affordable rates. PAWROLL is your ultimate destination for everything, dog. We proudly cater to dogs of all sizes and carry all essential items your dog will love and feel comfortable with.

The right products and accessories increase their physical, mental, and emotional well-being, and we care for them.

Who We Are

Founded in 2007 by enthusiastic people who were in to find comfortable, functional, and luxury dog accessories that met modern living style. It’s a creation by innovative people who needed better, safer options for dogs and inspired by a homely minimalist style. 

We created this platform to give dogs a way of feel like a part of a family and give owners certainty that they’re providing beyond the best for their fur friends. 

Our passionate team focuses on improving continually and involving the community in whatever we do— and we do well. We all at PAWROLL are meant to bring improvement, sustainability, and awareness about dog rescues. At the same time, we always look forward to bigger and brighter opportunities to better serve the community.

Here for you, and them!

Our Mission

PAWROLL is your luxury pet online store dedicated to helping customers find everything they fancy with much convenience and ease for their stylish dogs. We always intend to bring super functional, environmentally-friendly products for urban pet living.

Vision Statement

We focus on providing the finest quality products and will continue doing so. PAWROLL is all about customers’ loyalty and offers them the privilege to pamper their pets. We encourage everyone to embrace the companionship of pets and promote proper care. 

Our Focus

We are towards a future where we will be the leading industry representatives of luxury quality products, emphasizing improving our services to become a reputable platform. 

Why Choose Us?

  • Top-Quality Items:

At PAWROLL, we take great pride in ensuring all our products are both practical and stylish. We fully understand pets love to explore, and in the whole process, get dirty; that’s why our custom dog harness is there, machine washable and highly durable.

  • Variety is Just a Word:

As a socially conscious community, we care about pets and offer a range of a mixed assortment of top-notch products and accessories for pets.

  • Affordable:

Pet products shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. We take care of it, and that’s why we offer you premium products at the most discounted rates.

So join our hands in this betterment, order now, and show utmost affection to your lovely fur friend!