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Tips On How To Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Tips On How To Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Tips On How To Keep Your Pet Hydrated

Summer is right around the corner. You are probably planning lots of outdoor activities with your four-legged companion. Whether you enjoy physical activities such as hiking or walking or you prefer a more laidback day such as lounging by the pool or a family barbecue, the heat can quickly dehydrate your dog.

As you know, it’s important for people to drink plenty of water, but some people overlook a canine’s hydration requirements.

Research shows that humans are made up of 60% water, but you might be surprised to learn that a dog is made up of 80% water which puts Fido at extreme risk of heat exhaustion or dehydration without sufficient hydration. 

Provide Ample Water

Most dogs will drink approximately one ounce of water for every pound of body weight. If your dog is active, a puppy, or pregnant then the pooch might require more water. 

Watch for Signs of Dehydration

In the heat, a dog can quickly become dehydrated.

Familiarize yourself with the sigs of dehydration: 

  • Dry mouth
  • Lack of energy
  • Sunken eyes
  • No appetite

To check for dehydration in a dog, lift the skin on the dogs back slightly. Release the skin and watch it. If the dog is not dehydrated, then the skin will rapidly sink back into place but if the skin moves slowly then the pup could be suffering from dehydration. Heat exhaustion is a serious health danger, if you suspect your pet is suffering from a heat stroke or heat exhaustion, seek immediate medical care. 

Tips to Hydrate Your Dog

If you suspect your dog is suffering from dehydration or you simply want to keep the animal hydrated, then follow the tips below:

  • Remove Your Dog from the Heat: If your dog is showing any signs of dehydration, it’s time to move the animal out of the heat. Take the dog indoors where it can enjoy air-conditioned space. If you do not have access to an air-conditioned home, then move the dog to a shady location. 
  • Provide Ample Access to Water: Place water bowls all around your home and yard so your pet always has access to water. If you are going for walk or to visit the park, be sure to pack bottled water and a bowl. You can even purchase foldable water bowls that you can carry in your pocket or purse. 
  • Use a Water Fountain: Dogs appear to prefer moving water so invest in a pet fountain to ensure that the pooch is drinking a sufficient amount of water. 
  • Add Something to the Water: Consider adding tasty treats to the pet’s water such as small pieces of fruit, a little fruit juice, or ice cubes. 
  • Provide Frozen Treats:  You can purchase frozen dog treats at pet food retailers, or you can make your own using yogurt or peanut butter. You can even freeze non-sweetened fruit juices. 
  • Canned Dog Food:  Canned dog food contains a momentous day of water which can help rehydrate a pet on a balmy day. 

These are just a few ways to hydrate your dog on a sweltering day. Any time your pet is outdoors, pay close attention to the animal to make sure there are no designs of dehydration. Always give your pet access to clean water because preventing dehydration is far easier than treating the condition.