While many of us love snuggling with our dogs in our own beds, sleeping with your dog can lead to a poor night’s rest for you. A disruptive night can affect your mood and cause you to be less productive the following day. When choosing a dog bed, there are some important considerations you should keep in mind.

Tips For Choosing The Right Dog Bed

Every dog needs a place of his own, and the right Dog Bed can provide that perfect, quiet spot for any canine. In addition to adding a stylish element to your home decor, a dog bed can provide a multitude of benefits for your pooch (and you).
Evaluate the size, age and health of your dog and think about the type of bed in which your dog will be most comfortable. Many of the small and toy breed dogs like beds they can snuggle in and keep warm. These are commonly called "snuggle beds".

Always check to see if the covering on the bed is removable and washable. A washable cover is almost a necessity since it will surely get dirty over time. Most dog bed covers (our at least outer liners) can be unzipped - these are a great choice.

Match The Dog Bed With Your Interior

Try to match the dog bed to the overall “look” of the room in which you’ll be keeping it. With so many fashionable options, you no longer have to hide an unsightly dog bed. Remember - you will be living with this choice for years to come, and so will your pet. This is an important purchase so try find one that will feel and look great.

Whenever you are shopping for a major purchase (such as a dog bed) you need to consider what you want to spend. There are a variety of price points to meet your budgetary needs. 

It goes without saying that you should aim for a bed that is the right size for your dog. The dog should be able to lie flat, completely stretched out on his side, without hanging off of the bed. Measure your dog from nose to tail before beginning your online research. You will want a bed that can fit your pet easily, without taking over the entire room.

Remember that your pet's bed can contribute to your overall training program for your dog. If your pet seems skittish around the new bed (it happens), there is an easy fix for that. Dog beds work as a pets' "own space" that they can retreat to.