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Dealing With Stress And Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dealing With Stress And Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Dealing With Stress And Separation Anxiety in Dogs

The holidays are an exciting time as you welcome friends and family into your home to enjoy festivities. However, Fido might see hustle and bustle differently. Canines are creatures of habit and they rarely view change favorably. In this article, we will explore tips on dealing with your dog’s holiday stress. 

Helping Your Dog Deal with Holiday Stress 

Your pooch might display stress in different ways. Maybe they will act up and become destructive or hide. Excessive barking and chewing are both ways that a dog can try to cope with a stressful situation. 

Additional signs of stress include: 

  • Drooling
  • Panting
  • Shaking
  • Hiding
  • Whining
  • Excessive yawning
  • Circling
  • Pacing 
  • Cowering 

Distance Your Dog from Guests

You might be tempted to introduce your dog to your guests but remember that canines are pack animals, so they are naturally leery of anyone from outside their ‘pack family’. A dog might not welcome strangers into the home readily. When entertaining guests, put Fido away in a safe place to relax such as their crate or a bedroom. Provide toys and treats to keep him entertained. 

Stay on a Regular Routine

Maintain your pet’s routine by letting him out on schedule and providing all his necessary meals on time. Fido depends on a routine for security. 

Providing Calm During Fireworks

The New Year is often welcomed in with the use of fireworks which can send your dog into a frenzy with every loud bang. You might want to talk to your veterinarian about possible medications that can help your dog cope with the excessive noise. Many pet owners are turning to natural hemp-derived CBD because of its reputed anti-anxiety qualities that can help relax your pet. You can also play calming music or turn up the television when you start to hear the fireworks exploding. One of the best things you can do is provide emotional comfort to your furry-friend to ease their distress. Often a pat on the head and a few calming words will alleviate your buddy’s anxiety. 

Limit the Treats

With tables loaded with delicious holiday foods, your dog might start to stress because the treats are enticing. Even the most obedient dog might be tempted to grab a tasty morsel from the off-limits counter or table. Ideally, you should not leave edible items within your dog’s reach. If you want to give Fido a treat then pick a healthy choice.

Also, remember that your dog has an amazing sense of smell so if there are wrapped chocolates or other food items under the tree then your pooch can easily sniff out the yummy morsels even with double layers of  holiday wrapping paper. Place any food gifts out of reach so your dog is not tempted to tear into the packages. 

Exercise Your Pet More Frequently

Stress can energize your dog. They might pace and ask to go outside more frequently. To let your dog burn off some excessive emotions, take him for a long walk, play a game of fetch, or visit the dog park. Exercise helps your dog better cope with holiday changes.

Yes, the holidays are a fun time for everyone in the house, but Fido might view things differently. Focusing on ways to deal with your dog’s holiday stress will benefit everyone in the household: both two-legged and four-legged.