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7 Best Dogs Breed for Kid/Baby

7 Best Dogs Breed for Kid/Baby

7 Best Dogs Breed for Kid/Baby

Almost every child loves a puppy. Many don’t feel like their family is complete until they welcome a furry friend to the fold. However, if you have small children then you’ll want to consider the best dog breeds for kids when making the choice.

Labrador Retriever

Don’t let this breed’s reputation as a hunting dog fool you. The Labrador Retriever makes an excellent family pet. The breed is happy and always willing to please. The only major drawback about this breed is that it does require ample exercise. However, if you are an active family then this breed is a great fit. A Lab will gladly go with your family on every adventure from hiking to swimming to a game of fetch. 


Pugs are big dogs in a small dog’s body. The pug is also known to have a very special affinity for children. The wrinkly-faced breed loves everyone. They also enjoy playing and sharing time with all family members equally.


The Beagle has a reputation as an excellent family pet.  The dog breed is well known for being gentle and playful. The dog is known as an alert and protective companion who will always give a resounding bark if the pup hears anything odd or thinks a dangerous situation might exist. 

Golden Retriever

When weighing the list of the best dog breeds for kids, the Golden Retriever will always come out at the top. The breed is popular with families due to its gentle and fun-loving nature. A Golden Retriever is remarkably tolerant of small children even if they roughhouse. The American Kennel Club consistently lists the Golden Retriever as one of the top five most popular dog breeds in the United States. 


The Newfoundland is a gentle giant. The breed is not ideal for all families because a Newfie will get quite large. A male will easily weigh over 150 pounds.  However, the dog’s reputation as a nanny dog for young children is indisputable. The mild-mannered pooch adores children of all ages and will gladly spend hours a day either playing or laying quietly by a child. 

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a popular breed due to its friendly nature. For a small dog, the Bichon is remarkably easy to train. If you live in a tiny home or an apartment, the Bichon might be a perfect choice. The petite dog enjoys going for walks, loves strangers, is easy to housebreak, and enjoys a game of fetch with children. The Bichon’s calm nature makes this pup a top dog breed for kids. 

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is known as a police and protection dog, but the breed is also wonderful for families. When raised properly, the dog is gentle and loving. The calm nature of the GSD makes it an ideal choice for families who are looking for not only a companion but also a family guard dog.  GSDs love children and will gladly play endlessly with a child. 

When picking the best dog breed for children, any of the above choices are ideal.