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5 Reason Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

5 Reason Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

5 Reason Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Let's face it. Owning a cat isn't really that much different from not owning a cat. They're haughty, they're temperamental and most of the time they act like you don't exist. On the other hand, dogs are loyal, cuddly, goofy and best of all, love you no matter what. Here are 5 reasons why dogs are way better than cats.


1. Dogs Have Unconditional Love

First and foremost, the most important feature of any family member is two words: unconditional love.

With a dog, you don’t need to earn your place in their hearts; you only need to treat them well and they will care for you in return.

They are loyal creatures who adopt their family. Meanwhile, cat owners can attest to the fact that they had to earn their place in their pet’s heart with gifts and by giving them full reign of the house.

If you own a cat – you don’t. The cat owns you. Meanwhile with dogs, you have an understanding.

If a dog goes exploring the neighborhood, they are significantly more likely to return rather than a cat, who will roam the town and take advantage of those around them.


2. Dogs Are Loyal 

Secondly, dogs have a sense of innocence about them only found in animals who would never dream of doing their owners harm.

With a cat, you get a sense of an animal who is constantly plotting your downfall. They are both incredibly smart creatures, but in vastly different ways.

With dogs, they are protectors and defenders, as well as have minds like toddlers. What that means is they are easy to please, with simple wants and needs, and are content with little as long as there is love behind it.

With cats, on the other hand, this is not the case. Their intellect is that of a more sinister design, as though they want to find every possible way to destroy that which you hold dear. While one is sweet and innocent, the other seems neigh diabolical.


3. Dogs Are Easier to Care For

Put simply, cats have some rather disgusting habits. They shed absolutely everywhere, they use litter boxes rather than the far simpler ‘being taken outside’ method, and their way of showing affection is to bring dead animals to you.

While the reason for that (trying to help their family, who they think is inept at hunting, eat) is sweet, those who are squeamish around dead animals would find that to be rather horrific and disgusting.

Meanwhile, if you look at dogs, you don’t see such an issue. They have the utmost faith in their family to care for and feed themselves.

Dogs shed less, resulting in less hair scattered around your home, and they are easy to take care of as far as hygiene.

While this is not necessarily true for all dogs, they, in general, are easier to bathe than cats and certainly easier to dry.

Meanwhile, cats are fearful of water and loathe it, often lashing out at their owners when water is applied.

To make matters worse, the only solution to trimming their nails is to completely remove them, which is cruel and does more harm than good to the animal, as well as results in a rather expensive vet bill.

Dogs, on the other hand, only need a special set of nail clippers and are fine for a few months. It’s not a permanent solution, but significantly easier, safer, and cheaper.


4. Dogs Are Helpful Citizens 

Another reason dogs are better than cats is the fact that dogs have stories about them.

When you hear about pets that save lives, you hear about dogs. When a kid suffered from asthma attacks, his dog learned to lay on his chest so that if he started having an attack and suddenly stopped breathing, the dog could warn the rest of the family.

Another similar instance is a rather famous Alaskan sled dog named Balto, who delivered medicine across the tundra and saved an entire village of people.

Another still is the stories of dogs in conjunction with families. One such example is that of a woman, her boyfriend, and her mastiff. We say ‘her’ mastiff because her boyfriend hated the dog, yet the woman loved it and cared for it.

One day, the man started to get violent, and the dog stood between the woman and the man. The dog stood there, not growling or causing any trouble whatsoever, and just defended his owner, taking the hits so she didn’t have to.

Meanwhile, if you would look at cats, you don’t see hardly any stories like this, or hardly any at all for that matter. They really don’t do much in the way of helping their families and instead do hardly anything at all.


5. Dogs Are Defenders 

Our final point is an expansion of our previous one: dogs are defenders. They will protect the home they live in and will defend it vehemently.

They will keep out intruders and do their best to ensure the safety of those whom they have claimed as their family.

Meanwhile, if you look at a cat, you don’t see that. Sure, they are friendly creatures, but despite their carnivorous nature, they are far from being defenders.



Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats

In the world of man, pets are often the best companions. They are loving members of the household and great members of anyone’s family.

However, some are greater than others, and dogs certainly prove this. Don’t agree? Please go hand-bathe your cat, and please video it.

Here’s a video showing the differences between a dog owner and a cat owner.



Do you agree that dogs are better than cats?