1 Magic Trick To Stop Your furry friend From Pulling.

1 Magic Trick To Stop Your furry friend From Pulling.

1 Magic Trick To Stop Your furry friend From Pulling.

Does your furry friend practically pull your arm off when you take him for a walk? Has it become so unpleasant that you no longer want to walk your dog? Well, you’re not alone.

Pulling on a leash is a common behavior in dogs and it’s one that most dog owners want to overcome. How do you do that in a kind and gentle way without choking and forcing your dog? You’ll find the answer in this article.


Why do dogs pull?

Dogs have what we call “opposition reflex”, which means they pull against pressure. When a dog feels pressure on the front of his throat from his collar, he actually pulls against it.


What about choke collars? 

Choke collars only make the problem worse. The tighter the collar gets, the more he will pull. It’s a vicious cycle. In addition, choke chain collars and prong or pinch collars are painful and can actually damage your dog’s trachea. There is no need to hurt your dog because he is just doing what comes naturally

1 Magic Trick To Stop Your furry friend From Pulling.

If you want a dog who walks politely on a loose leash you must teach him that this is what you want. And you must have the right tools that will help you do this. Here’s what you will need:

  1. Regular leash (NOT a retractable leash)
  2. D ring harness ( like the All-Purpose Harness or something similar)
  3. Treats

Attach the leash to the D ring. When you take your dog for a walk and he starts to pull, STOP and stand still like a tree. Your dog will eventually look back at you to say, “Hey, why aren’t we moving?”. The position of the D ring will bring your dog's attention and focus to you instead of what’s in front of him and around him. (See a side ring harness in action HERE)

raise, treat, and repeat.

A D ring Harness NOT ONLY very quickly stops lunging and pulling BUT ALSO has the massive bonus of helping your dog connect and bond with you on walks.

With their constant attention back to you, this will make them see you as the pack leader which will make other training and discipline easier as well. This is all done with no choking, no forcing, and no damage to your dog’s throat and sensitive trachea area.


“On walks, make sure that your dog is not in front of you, pulling you down the street. Instead, keep your dog to your side or behind you. This will also demonstrate to your dog that you are the pack leader.”

 - Jason Rock, The Dog Whisperer