All Purpose™ Anti Bark Dog Training Collar

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#1 Best Selling Anti-Bark Dog Training Collar

2-In-1 Anti Bark Dog Training Collar, it’s perfect to training your dog, help you eliminate dog bad behavior or submit some of your basic commands. You also can use the Anti-bark mode to stop some of the dog's excessive squeaking behavior when you are not around, reduce neighbors complained.

Key features

    • 1-Handed Operation
    • Dog training & anti-bark 2 in 1
    • 2-Hour Rapid Charge Batteries
    • 0-100 Levels of Vibration, Standard Tone and Electrostatic Pulse
    • Reduced Sized Receiver for dogs as small as 15 lbs
    • Non-Stimulating High-Performance Pager 
    • Waterproof and submersible up to 25 feet with a range of 400 meters

    How to use the anti-bark mode

    1. Hold the collar’s button for 3 seconds; you will then hear a 1st beep from the collar.

    Once in pairing status, the led indicator light will flash.

    It will pair within 10 seconds.

    2. Press the beep, vibrate or electrostatic button and you will hear a 2nd beep from the collar.

    Holding the beep button, you will see the led indicator light show up on the collar. This means it is connected.

    3. Make sure you have successfully paired the collar and remote.

    Change toggle switch to channel A.

    4. Press the beep, vibrate or electrostatic button to confirm the mode that you want.

    When you press the beep button you will hear one beep. That means Beep mode confirmed.

    When you press the vibrate button you will hear two beeps. That means Beep + Vibrate mode confirmed.

    When you press the electrostatic button you will hear three beeps. That means Beep + Electrostatic Mode confirmed.

    5. You can set the sensitivity level by slowly pressing the button.

    It is very important to slowly press the button.

    When you hear a long beep it is at its highest level.


    6. Use a pen on the remote to gently scratch the test area back and forth to test the anti-bark mode.

    When you hear a long beep (about five seconds), That means anti-bark mode work well.



    • Size S: 2.35" to 13" inches long
    • Size M: 13" to 17" inches long
    • Size L: 17" to 21" inches long
    • Size XL: 21" to 25" inches long



      Dog training collars are designed to train dogs - not to punish them. This collar has 3 training modes: Sound, Vibration and Static Shock. The static shock function should always be the last stimulation to use. We recommend using a strong vibration stimulation before applying static shock. Please follow instructions in the User Manual for more details.

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